Valentus Weight Loss Coffee & Nutritional Beverages FAQ’s




Are Valentus Prevail nutritional beverages Gluten-Free and GMO-Free?
Absolutely! All Valentus Prevail products are free of pesticides, chemicals, gluten and GMO. Additionally, the combination of all natural herbs that are added to the Valentus SlimRoast coffee cause the SlimRoast coffee to become alkaline rather than acidic, unlike other coffees. An alkaline environment in your body will resist disease. These are a few of the reasons that the Valentus SlimRoast coffee is considered the healthiest coffee in the world!


Does the Valentus weight loss program require me to exercise or diet?
NO! The beauty of the Valentus Prevail nutritional products are that all you have to do is add water and drink these delicious and incredibly healthy beverages to see massive weight loss. Because these products are effective, you may find that you eat smaller portions and crave healthier foods. You may also want to start moving and grooving more when you feel the wonderful energy boost you will get. As you feel healthier, you may wish to adapt a healthier lifestyle.


How do I prepare my Valentus SlimRoast weight loss coffee?
Our Valentus weight loss coffee is convenient to carry and prepare. Use one packet of Valentus weight loss coffee in 6 – 8 oz. of hot water. Stir and enjoy. You can also create iced coffee with the Valentus SlimRoast coffee or add it to a smoothie in the morning.


How many cups of Valentus SlimRoast coffee should I drink each day?
Although you will see great results with one cup of Valentus SlimRoast coffee a day, many people enjoy the taste and benefits of two cups of this nutritional weight loss coffee daily. You will not want to drink more than two cups of the Valentus weight loss coffee daily.


Can I add creamers to my Valentus SlimRoast coffee?
Although the Valentus SlimRoast coffee has a smooth, delicious taste, feel free to add creamers, or even sugar if you feel the need to. The organic cacao in the SlimRoast weight loss coffee gives it a scrumptious flavor so you will want to experience your SlimRoast without additives first. The important thing is that you drink this weight loss coffee six days a week. The combined ingredients will cause weight loss even if you do add additional flavorings to your coffee.


How do I prepare my Valentus Trim, Immune Boost and Energy nutritional beverages?
Just add water! You can add a convenient packet of any of these Valentus beverages to a 16 oz. bottle of water and shake or add to a 16 oz. glass of water and stir. Some people add the packets to their smoothies or add to ice and make an Icee on a hot day. The Immune Boost is also good warm and I know more than one person who adds either the grape flavored Immune Boost or the cherry flavored Energy to vodka for a healthy alcoholic drink!


When is the best time of day to drink my Valentus SlimRoast coffee and other Valentus Prevail products?
Although you will adapt the recommendations to your schedule, it is recommended that you drink the Valentus SlimRoast coffee in the morning, Valentus Energy in the afternoon, Valentus Trim late afternoon (if you have sugar cravings) or ½ – 1 hour before dinner and an Immune Boost up to 2 hours before bed. If you are having a second cup of Valentus SlimRoast, you will want to enjoy it late in the morning or early afternoon.


How much natural caffeine is in the Valentus Prevail beverages?
SlimRoast 120mg. Energy 80mg. Trim 50mg. Immune Boost 0mg.


How many packets come in a box and why?
There are 24 packets in each of the Valentus Prevail boxes of products. It is recommended that you drink the beverage 6 days a week and take the seventh day off so your body does not get used to the powerful ingredients in the Valentus nutritional weight loss beverages. If you drink them 6 days a week and take one day off, the box will last 4 weeks. Check out the 12 in 24 program for FAST weight loss success here.
Where are Valentus Prevail product made?
Valentus Prevail products are formulated and shipped from the USA.




When I start telling my friends how I am losing weight, and they try it too, how often do I get paid?
Weekly. You can set up a debit card or have your money sent straight into your checking account each week.


How do I learn how to become good at sharing this great opportunity?
In addition to the step by step Roadmap to Success, the videos and audios, we believe that we are only as successful as we help our team members become. We will answer any questions, do three way calls, meet with your friends to go over our lucrative compensation plan until you feel comfortable yourself. We share what has worked for us and stay plugging into daily opportunities to learn an d grow. The support in this company is unparalleled!


When my friends want to find out how they can lose weight and make money, what do I tell them?
At first, you will train by allowing us, your sponsor, to do the work for you. We will make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed and we will be there to do online and in person (where we are able) presentations for those you wish to offer this great opportunity to. Our training model includes you watching us do it for you so you can learn. We will put as much into you as you are willing to put into your business.




Do I need to be on autoship?
NO. There is no requirement to be on autoship. Once you taste and feel the effects of this delicious and effective weight loss coffee, you will want to become a loyalty customer and get monthly shipments to ensure that you do not run out. Even when you opt in to the loyalty program, you can change your delivery date or the items you wish to have sent at any time. Because you have complete control in your back office, you NEVER have to wait on hold to make changes to your loyalty customer order.


Where does Valentus ship to?
Valentus is available to all countries, yet it is advisable to check customers for the country in question and send a test order of one box to be sure. Shipping fees and taxes will vary depending on your location.