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Why Choose Valentus Weight Loss Coffee
And Why Join the Valentus Team?

Simple to share weight loss and nutritional products
Easy to use weight loss and nutritional products
Results oriented weight loss and nutritional products
weight loss and nutritional products that people love
Compensation that is simple to understand
Compensation that is easier to build
Compensation that requires a team and benefits the entire team.
Superior system to make sharing easy
Exceptional personal support

I’m so excited to share Valentus Prevail weight loss coffee and nutritional beverage line with you. Valentus products are on the cutting edge of weight loss, using scientific breakthroughs in combining all natural ingredients to give you massive results in a short amount of time. There is a Coffee, Energy drink, & Flavor your Water Bottle craze today and we are riding that wave!

“In 30 years of using and referring nutritional supplements I have never seen a product like SlimRoast coffee remove weight so fast, in such a short time, and make people feel full of energy all day long!” – Rick Jerrells ,TX

Baby Boomers LOVE Our Entire “Prevail” Product Line and the 20 – 40 Year Old’s are LOVING our powerful but natural and safe but effective products!

Here are 26 Reasons to Join Valentus:
1. A Compensation Plan That’s Unbeatable
2. A Cutting Edge Product Line That’s Unsurpassed
3. We’re Global – In Our First Year We Were In Over 60+ Countries! And will be officially registered and warehoused in several in 2017
4. Single Parents, Students, Agents, Leaders & Grannies Make $ With Us!
5. Get Paid $200 On A $499 Sale $100 Fast start and $100 from Legacy bonus!
6. We Pay Weekly 52 Weeks A Year. 4 ways pay you weekly and two monthly!
7. A Car Bonus Program from $400 a month up to $3,000 monthly starting at Diamond rank and above.
8. We Pay from $20, $40, $60 to $100 Fast Start Bonuses WEEKLY
9. We Pay Legacy Enrollment Bonuses
10. We Pay Dual Team Cycle Commissions 1/3rd and 2/3rd’s paid on the 1/3rd leg!! NO 50/50!
11. We Pay Up to $100,000 Per Week In Cycle Bonuses just in DUAL TEAM PAY ALONE!
12. Team Commissions
13. Leadership Matching Bonus–you begin at the business builder pack level you start at 4 levels!!
14. Seven Generations of Dual Team Matching Bonuses from 2% to 25%
15. Enrollment Bonus Pool paid monthly at the start of the new month! So as to help with your new month’s Loyalty purchase!
16. Earn Money On Retail Commissions
17. We Broke some 104 Diamond Directors In our first YEAR and half!
18. We Have 8 Ranks Of Achievement
19. We Merged 3 Top $$ Making Global Industries – Weight Loss, Healthy Energy Drinks & Healthy Coffee Drinks–two massive consumable industries put into one Drink “Weight management Coffee”!
20. We are in our first phase – this is when the LARGEST checks are created
21. PowerLine System: Geared To Place Members On Your Team FASTER! Pre enrollees can be swayed to upgrade when folks order under them. Everybody benefits from the ordering all the way upline.
22. Leap Frog Thursday – If someone joins you & they purchase and you don’t they will leapfrog over you! Has a sense of urgency built into the downline organization to maintain ordering.
23. We Pay Every Friday!!
24. Get Paid By Direct Deposit or by our Debit Card
25. Valentus Is Inexpensive to Join from $59, $129, $199 up to $499. However, $499 maximizes profits for you and your group!
26. You just need 4 people to reach the top of the plan unlike other compensation plans that require 5 to 20 to 40 people personally enrolled by you–JUST FOUR at Valentus! Plus the needed volumes.

“Let’s Get Your Body Energized, Losing Weight and Transformed!”